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Software: ONTRAPORT, Marketo, Zendesk, Freshdesk, MailChimp, Trello, Jira, Confluence, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords.

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Meet the Dream Team
Michael Wray
Former Sales Manager at ONTRAPORT, entrepreneur at readdog.com, and sales and growth expert.
Having done sales at ONTRAPORT and starting my own business I have gained an expertise on scalable marketing solutions and conversion-oriented growth. My focus is and always has been on sales and growing a business from the ground up. Whether this means launching a brand, building products, or doing the number crunching that is necessary when creating a Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising campaign, I am consistently improving my own conversion rates and those of my clients. 
Kate Cygan
Former Customer Support Manager at ONTRAPORT, co-founder of readdog.com, marketing and systems expert.
I specialize in creative systems building -- whether for operations, customer support, or conversion goals. With my own business, I'm always looking for easier solutions to save time and streamline customer acquisition. As a detail-minded word-enthusiast, copy-writing and copy-editing come naturally to me. Clients enjoy working with me because I can deliver a polished build that's done-for-you and better than you could have anticipated. 
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What will we cover?
1. Find the Average Lifetime Value of your customers.

In order to optimize your ads and create a scalable advertising strategy, the amount you spend to acquire a new customer is always less than the average lifetime value. So before starting any paid advertising we must first start by finding Average Lifetime Value.

2. Calculate your conversion rates from home page to sale.

Of the clients that come to your home page, how many ultimately end up as leads in your CRM? I will explain how this number can be improved, how it can you best be measured, and how to set up Facebook and Google conversion pixels. 

3. Improve your CTA's and decrease your Cost Per Conversion.

The key to any advertisement whether its on Google, Facebook, email or any other medium is to understand the ultimate goal of that ad. From there you can create advertising copy, improve your conversion rates, and optimize for sales. We'll cover how to create these ads, measure their value, and improve your conversion rates.

4. Increase the Average Lifetime Value so it is always greater than your Cost Per Conversion

What can you as a business owner do to make sure your customers come back? The bottom line is that gaining a customer from a cold lead is almost always more expensive than creating repeat business for yourself. We'll cover the various strategies you can employ to increase your retention.
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Contact Information

Connect with Michael

Michael Wray
Phone: 214.300.1688
Email: mloganwray@gmail.com
LinkedIn Profile: Michael Wray

Connect with Kate
Name: Kate Cygan
Phone: 505.977.7938
Email: kateacygan@gmail.com
LinkedIn Profile: Kate Cygan